Special Pricing on Pellet Bags

December 14, 2018 | Ag Authority | Parts


If you have a wood pellet grill, we are the place for you to stock up on fuel (pellets), as we have the best pricing on pellets anywhere – only $29.99 for a large 40 pound bag of pellets.   Of course, wood pellet grills are sweeping the barbecue world for good reason – truer, healthier cooking, and unmatched flavor.  And our Louisiana Grills and Pit Boss Grills are the pinnacle of bbq grilling.

All brands of Grills

Louisiana Grills pellets work great with all brands of wood pellet grills; Louisiana Grills, Pit Boss, even Traeger and others.   These pellets have no artificial flavors, spray scents, glues or chemicals.  They also burn hotter and cleaner and are easy to use, great tasting and all-natural; forcing the natural juices in the wood to bind the pellets together. Louisiana Grills’ raw wood is sourced across North America to make a superior product.

Many Flavors
  • Competition Blend
  • Pennsylvania Cherry
  • Georgia Pecan
  • Wisconsin Hickory
  • Texas Mesquite
  • Tennessee Whiskey Barrel
  • New England Apple
In Stock

We have bags of pellets in stock and ready to go, so please contact our parts department to place your order, or for more information:  306-864-1700

Based in Kinistino, Saskatchewan; we are your headquarters for wood pellet grills.  We have tried many brands of wood pellet grills including traeger, and have found Pit Boss Grills and Louisiana Grills to be far superior.  They are made with heavier steel and burn hotter; which allows you to grill with more even heat and produces a better overall cooking experience – even in harsher Saskatchewan weather.

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